Our Rooms

Brechen's room

This more intimate double room overlooks the patio and the pool (opening end of July 2022- works in progress) , and enjoys its own private terrace. 

Located on the ground floor,...

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Belvédère's room

This double room (30m2), on the top floor of the building enjoys the highest view of the park

Located on the top floor, it offers a 180 bed, without air conditioning or...

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Chapitre's room

This cozier double room overlooks the lush grounds, and in particular our superb Magnolia Grandiflora.

Located upstairs, it offers a queen-size bed, air conditioning,...

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Chapotin's room

This double room, which served as the original Master Bedroom offers a view of the park on one side, and of the vineyards on the other. 

Located on the second floor, it offers a...

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Clos Ceres entire house


A house of character

It takes its name from the Roman goddess Ceres, goddess of agriculture, harvest (and therefore the grape harvest) and...

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